Platino Bianco L111
Platino Nero Extra
Platino Bianco Extra

Collection: Arianna Platino

Arianna Platino by Robert Dawson hand painted ceramic tiles.

A collection of double-fired wall tiles including 12 mixed patterns and four single patterns; made with a precious platinum silkscreen print on a background of matt white (Bianco L.111), glossy white (Bianco Extra) or glossy black (Nero Extra). All the patterns can be freely rotated and randomly combined, or arranged on the basis of an intentional sequence, permitting countless different laying solutions. Size 20x20 cm.

Arianna Platino

What could be behind this invitation to immerse ourselves once more in the immortal repertoire of Greek myth? We all know the deeds of the gods and demi-gods, the heroes and monsters by heart. We are not afraid of entering the labyrinth in search of the Minotaur, if we can hold Arianna’s ball of string between our fingers as Theseus did. But Dawson weaves another web for us, a new trick, patiently weaving golden and platinum threads in which we lose ourselves as if by enchantment in an infinite game of cross-overs and superimpositions, until our eyes start to play tricks on us. The thread that was supposed to show us the way out of the labyrinth becomes a labyrinth itself, to the point that we wonder whether we will ever really understand Arianna.

Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson


Now based in London where he runs his studio, Aesthetic Sabotage, Robert Dawson was born in New York City but spent most of his childhood in Geneva, Switzerland. He received his MA in Cer... read more

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Arianna Platino - Robert Dawson