Collection: Dream Forest

Dream Forest by Tord Boontje hand painted ceramic tiles.

Double-fired, screen printed wall decoration available in black or white, either glossy (Bianco Extra - Nero Extra) or matte (Bianco L.111 – Nero L.100).

Size, 40x40 cm.

Dream Forest

We can simply glance at the overall scene of a small clearing at the edge of the forest, or we can plunge into a thick tangle of signs, a magical kaleidoscope of fantasy. Push aside the branches and dive into the incessant bustle of life, with the calls, the murmurs, the whistles of nature, now close by, now far off, that act as the backdrop of an impenetrable silence; the humming of branches, leaves and flowers as they rustle in the wind, and the occasional appearance of a timid ray of light. And then - like a child being read a fairytale, lulled all the while by the reader’s caressing voice - lose yourself among the trees and along the path that leads to the world of dreams.


Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje


Throughout his work, Tord Boontje explores the juxtapositions of old and new, naturalism and technology. A highly inventive designer, he has worked on products and commissi... read more

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Dream Forest - Tord Boontje