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Orchestra by Davide Pizzigoni hand painted ceramic tiles.

Series consisting of a set of 15 decorative elements, double-fired, fully handmade on glossy white background (Extra White). Format 10x10cm.


An invitation to music lovers, opera fans, to anybody who has a passion for music. They are offered the rare privilege of hosting a chamber orchestra, whose favourite stage is none other than the kitchen. Several rehearsals are needed to allow the conductor – or stage managers – to agree upon the best arrangement of the instruments in the room. On the evening of the first performance – or rather, the morning of the first breakfast – if the agreement has been reached, hearty applause or the clattering of teaspoons on cups will resound around the stalls, in joyful approval. There can never be enough music, or happy days for that matter.

Davide Pizzigoni

Davide Pizzigoni


Born in Milan, he graduated in Architecture in Rome in 1984. In 1986 he staged his first one-man exhibition of paintings (presentated by Alessandro Mendini). In 1987 his partnership with ... read more

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Orchestra - Davide Pizzigoni