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Minoo by Marcel Wanders hand painted ceramic tiles.

Floor decoration that is silkscreen printed on white glazed stoneware against a matt background, cm 20x20. The series consists of 5 different patterns that are supplied mixed, to be laid with the patchwork technique, and each is available in the 8 colours of the floor covering line Colore&Colore.


The road to happiness is paved with...what? Not an easy question to answer off the cuff. “Minoo” accompanies our every step, with its carpet of dense arabesques, evoking ever evolving emotions through five different graceful motifs rotating in an endless cycle. Wherever it rests, “Minoo” creates a new living dimension, a floral maze in which time passes lightly and joie de vivre suddenly takes flight.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders


Fame started with his iconic Knotted Chair, which he produced for Droog Design in 1996. He is now ubiquitous, designing for the biggest European contemporary design manufacturers like B&B... read more

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Minoo - Marcel Wanders