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Collection: Tulipani

Tulipani by Ronald Van Der Hilst hand painted ceramic tiles.

Floral set (20x100 cm) comprising five entirely handmade decorated pieces produced in three colour variants. The series is completed with a matching self-coloured background in the same format and two special pieces: a base tile (20x20 cm) and a “clever” terminal cover (1x20cm). All elements are hand painted with an opaque finish.


“The flower first entered my garden designs, then I started to make compositions with vases, I created the vase which seemed to me to be perfect to host it and show it off, jewels and sculptures, postcards and murals These tiles bring it inside our houses, making art truly accessible to everyone.” It is curious that in the very country where lemons flower, a Dutch artist has found fertile ground for a new, unexpected flowering in the thousand year history of the tulip.

Ronald Van Der Hilst

Ronald Van Der Hilst


Dutch-born artist and landscape designer Ronald van der Hilst (1965), moved to Antwerp in 1993 when the city was Cultural Capital of Europe. Initially he concentrated on designing garden and... read more

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Tulipani - Ronald Van Der Hilst