Collection: Tuli-tuli 2

Tuli-tuli 2 by Ronald Van Der Hilst hand painted ceramic tiles.

Series composed of 2 sets of 12 entirely hand-painted tiles on a glossy white background (Bianco Extra) in 20x20 cm. size.


In the past, alchemists were able to create potions to be poured over bulbs and roots in order to obtain artificial colours that had never been seen before. The dream is achieved today with a patiently and masterfully hand-painted series in which the flower takes on the unexpected forms and colours of creative imagination. Like in the flower beds of a garden path or on the counter of a florist, we are simply spoilt for choice. One by one, they are extracted from the bouquet and placed on the walls in a large, delicately balanced fresco.

Ronald Van Der Hilst

Ronald Van Der Hilst


Dutch-born artist and landscape designer Ronald van der Hilst (1965), moved to Antwerp in 1993 when the city was Cultural Capital of Europe. Initially he concentrated on designing garden and... read more

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Tuli-tuli 2 - Ronald Van Der Hilst