Collection: Tuli-pop 2

Tuli-pop 2 by Ronald Van Der Hilst hand painted ceramic tiles.

Series composed of 1 set of 24 entirely hand-made tiles on a black silk-effect painted background (Seta Nero) in 20x20 cm format. The background colour is sold separately.


The language of flowers is sometimes perfectly clear and easy to understand. It is no surprise, then, that it is the red tulip that is traditionally chosen to express eternal love. On black, glossy glaze, the declaration is even more passionate, almost fiery. And the yellow tulip, not to be outdone, takes on the role of tenderness and sweetness: it is the sun in your smile. Its silent message may be ignored, but not its natural charm.

Ronald Van Der Hilst

Ronald Van Der Hilst


Dutch-born artist and landscape designer Ronald van der Hilst (1965), moved to Antwerp in 1993 when the city was Cultural Capital of Europe. Initially he concentrated on designing garden and... read more

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Tuli-pop 2 - Ronald Van Der Hilst