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Collection: Tuli-charme

Tuli-charme by Ronald Van Der Hilst hand painted ceramic tiles.

Four decorative themes in black and white of various dimensions, created entirely by hand on a glossy background (Bianco Extra), in 20x20 cm format.

Tuli-Charme 1 collection of 9 decorated pieces.

Tuli-Charme 2 collections of 15 decorated pieces.

Tuli-Charme 3 collections of 18 decorated pieces.

Tuli-Charme 4 collections of 20 decorated pieces


It is said that tulips were once all white and the sprites used the large corollas of those cultivated in the garden of a grandmother as cradles for their babies. To thank her, one night they decided to paint them. The little ones flew up to help and got the tins mixed up, the drops fell all over the place, making stains and streaks in the multicoloured sea… Perhaps this variety, which has been rendered unique by the cleanliness of its form and the purity of the black and white is a homage to the pure white flowers of the fairy tale.

Ronald Van Der Hilst

Ronald Van Der Hilst


Dutch-born artist and landscape designer Ronald van der Hilst (1965), moved to Antwerp in 1993 when the city was Cultural Capital of Europe. Initially he concentrated on designing garden and... read more

Catalogue Collection: Tuli-charme

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Tuli-charme - Ronald Van Der Hilst