Teatro 1 - 20x160 - (8"x64")  Teatro 2 - 20x160 - (8"x64")  Teatro 3 - 20x160 - (8"x64")  Teatro 4 - 20x160 - (8"x64")
 Teatro 1 - 20x160 - (8"x64")  Teatro 2 - 20x160 - (8"x64")  Teatro 3 - 20x160 - (8"x64")  Teatro 4 - 20x160 - (8"x64")

Collection: Teatro

Teatro by Davide Pizzigoni hand painted ceramic tiles.

Four mixed decorative items completely hand-made on brillant background (Bianco Extra) in 20x20 cm. size. Items are made of 8 decorated tiles.


The curtain rises, and a first glance is not enough to focus on all the elements on the stage, to grasp all the details necessary to create a perfect whole. Something ritual and magical steps across these fully-fledged pieces of scenery, which are assembled in the place, time and action of our daily life. This rich system of decorative elements features, in order of appearance, the imposing columns of Teatro, which in turn provide a solid base for the fanciful variety of the Preludio elements. These are followed by four series of borders: the variations on a floral theme of Allegro and Intermezzo, and those on a musical and architectural theme of Adagio and Palco. Generous and intense, the performance skilfully plays across several registers, shying away from excessive scene-stealing, in a masterful combination of creative flair and functional versatility.

Davide Pizzigoni

Davide Pizzigoni


Born in Milan, he graduated in Architecture in Rome in 1984. In 1986 he staged his first one-man exhibition of paintings (presentated by Alessandro Mendini). In 1987 his partnership with ... read more

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Teatro - Davide Pizzigoni