Collection: Primavera Platinum

Primavera Platinum by Tord Boontje hand painted ceramic tiles.

Compositional set of 12 pieces with floral decors in platinum on brilliant (Bianco Extra) and matt whites (L.111) in size cm. 20x20.

Primavera Platinum

“I love the dappled light of forests, the gleam and glitter of ice, cities, festivals, crystal ...”. It is no wonder, then, that the silver shine of platinum has exerted an irresistible attraction on the creativity of Tord Boontje. Delicate floral motifs climb up and along the walls as if they were hospitable trellises, chasing one another in a perfect balance, enhanced by the dazzling elegance of the precious metal. In this design, nature takes a step back, staring at us unperturbed, through the noble simplicity of an almost classical representation.

Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje


Throughout his work, Tord Boontje explores the juxtapositions of old and new, naturalism and technology. A highly inventive designer, he has worked on products and commissi... read more

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Primavera Platinum - Tord Boontje