Collection: Pescatore di stelle

Pescatore di stelle by Marcello Chiarenza hand painted ceramic tiles.

Decorative subject comprising 25 pcs. entirely handmade in pure gold (content 900 ‰ – gold purity superior to the one used by jewellers) and black on a white glossy ground (Bianco Extra). Size: 20x20 cm.

Pescatore di stelle

We unfailingly scan the sky, confide in it, question it and impatiently await a final answer. Maybe only those who preserve the innocent wonder of a child are allowed to solve the mystery. The sky then falls silently and magically at their feet, like a single, endless night of the shooting stars. All others are mere spectators of a miraculous catch. They question both themselves and the sky once again, in gold and in peace, while light years are concentrated in a brief moment.

Marcello Chiarenza

Marcello Chiarenza


Marcello Chiarenza was born in Sicily in 1955 and works in the field of symbolic representation and festival dramatic art. Over the past ten years, he has been a sculptor, stage-designer an... read more

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Pescatore di stelle - Marcello Chiarenza