Collection: Notturno

Notturno by Marcello Chiarenza hand painted ceramic tiles.

Series comprising 1 set of 25 tiles (Notturno 1) entirely hand painted with precious pure gold inserts (content 900 ‰ – gold purity superior to the one used by jewellers) and a single decoration of the moon (Notturno 2). Can be purchased separately. Decorations produced on a glossy ground. Size: 20x20 cm.


Comets come and go in docile obedience along the course that traces both their origin and end. Constellations reveal new images to those skilled in the art of reading their thousand year old maps. The Pleiades group together, ignoring the boundless expanse that surrounds them. Supernovae burst into blinding explosions like billions of magnificent suns. And, again, nebulae, dwarf and giant galaxies, simple meteors, moons, planets, satellites… Is this the universe that, swarming with lights, at times looks like deep impenetrable darkness, immense darkness, emptiness, endless vacuum?

Marcello Chiarenza

Marcello Chiarenza


Marcello Chiarenza was born in Sicily in 1955 and works in the field of symbolic representation and festival dramatic art. Over the past ten years, he has been a sculptor, stage-designer an... read more

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Notturno - Marcello Chiarenza