Collection: Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo by Davide Pizzigoni hand painted ceramic tiles.

A collection of listels, entirely hand-crafted on a glossy base, size 10x40 cm. Available in eight colour combinations which can be teamed with the plain colours of the series "Colore&Colore".


We cannot see the fishermen’s boats at dawn. Nor the calm expanse of water at sunset. Nor can we see the polished stones of the jetty, or the waves crashing against the rocks. But we can hear the sigh of the sea. We cannot see the olive trees bent by the wind, the vine which unravels along the coastline, the prickly pear bushes, or the jasmine in the gardens. But we can smell the scent of the sea. We cannot make out the sudden leap of the dolphin, or the free-wheeling flight of the seagull; we can’t see the lizard in the cracks of the stone wall, or the crickets on the bark of the eucalyptus. But we can feel the life of the sea. Without throwing open a single window, without unbolting a salt-soaked wooden shutter, without a single ray of sun peeking through, all the shores of the most ancient sea are to be found in this room.

Davide Pizzigoni

Davide Pizzigoni


Born in Milan, he graduated in Architecture in Rome in 1984. In 1986 he staged his first one-man exhibition of paintings (presentated by Alessandro Mendini). In 1987 his partnership with ... read more

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Mediterraneo - Davide Pizzigoni