Collection: Mary ann

Mary ann by Julia Binfield hand painted ceramic tiles.

A series of floral tiles made with transfers applied by hand to a glossy white background (Bianco Extra) or a beige background (C&C A1), composed of 3 strips measuring 10x40 cm (Mary Ann 1 and 4, single decoration - Mary Ann 2 and 5, set of two decorations) and a set of 12 decorations measuring 10x10 cm (Mary Ann 3 and 6).

Mary Ann

A green thumb and an equally green index finger guide pens and pencils artfully cultivating traditional and spontaneous gardens, flowerbeds and borders, shrubs, trees, herbs and the indispensable associated pruning shears, watering hoses, fountains, plant pots of all shapes and sizes, wooden and wrought iron benches, little doors opening onto inviting pathways, the humming of insects and the chirping of the birds. Inside and outside blend together, aspiring to create unique effects of trompe l’oeil as the light of sunset falls on the patch of lavender in the garden, filters through the window and falls on a composition of little plants carefully lined up on the walls of the house. With Mary Ann, Julia Binfield offers us a luxuriant ceramics collection: spring, summer, fall, winter.

Julia Binfield

Julia Binfield


Julia Binfield studied graphic design at St. Martin’s School of Art in London and subsequently worked at Pentagram for two years with Alan Fletcher. In 1980 she moved to Italy, first to Ro... read more

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Mary ann - Julia Binfield