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Mad by Maddalena Sisto hand painted ceramic tiles.

Set of 12 pcs - Available on matt (L.111) and brilliant (Bianco Extra) whites

cm. 20x20 (8”x8”)


“What would I do if a magician were to ask me to choose between writing and drawing? He couldn’t ask me such a thing... He would have to be an evil magician. I like to do everything: write, draw, play the piano, have all the chocolate I can without eating myself to death...”. The artist’s insatiable curiosity has delegated the task exploration to this fluttering army, recognizable by their winged, ever gloved hands, by their interminably long legs, by their tapered pinnate feet. Theirs is a permanent mission between fashion and custom, in an analysis in which worldliness and ubiquitousness are seen through a veil of affectionate irony.

Maddalena Sisto

Maddalena Sisto


Maddalena Sisto was born in Alessandria in 1951. After completing secondary school, she moved to Milan, where (with articles and drawings) she devoted herself to fashion, custom, design and... read more

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Mad - Maddalena Sisto