Collection: Libreria

Libreria by Piero Fornasetti hand painted ceramic tiles.

11 mixed decorated tiles, made with hand-applied decalcomania on a matt white base (L.111) or a glossy base (Bianco extra), size 20x20 cm.


Rare and ancient books, both open and closed, rest on simple shelves of untreated wood. At times they are placed one above the other, in a precarious balance. At others, they judiciously display their elegant leather covers and perfect bindings, sewn with silk thread, as you would a sophisticated item of evening dress. Noblesse oblige. And now we are tempted to scroll through their titles, sometimes barely legible, as one is instinctively inclined to do before a real library, in order to get an idea of the interests, the passions, the tastes, the inner world of the home owner. There’s simply no cure for curiosity.

Piero Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti


Was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of art books, organiser of international exhibitions, and creator of over eleven thousand objects and of stage sets and cost... read more

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Libreria - Piero Fornasetti