Collection: Il veliero e la balena

Il veliero e la balena by Marcello Chiarenza hand painted ceramic tiles.

Entirely handcrafted tiles in a size of 20x20 cm. on a white gloss background (Bianco Extra). Sold as a set of 12 (Il Veliero e la Balena 1). Co-ordinating background. Sold individually (Il Veliero e la Balena 2).

il veliero e la balena

Three trees and a hundred motionless sails immersed in pitch black darkness, barely brightened up by a pale moon. Flat calm waters. That would be all, if we could not penetrate the depths of an equally dark sea that is lit up, if we failed to look inside ourselves, inside fables and nightmares, inside fear and hope and deeper still, inside the legendary whale’s belly that awaits us when night draws to a close and the light, endless ladder, just forty-five rungs under the sea. Why not descend them with eyes closed?

Marcello Chiarenza

Marcello Chiarenza


Marcello Chiarenza was born in Sicily in 1955 and works in the field of symbolic representation and festival dramatic art. Over the past ten years, he has been a sculptor, stage-designer an... read more

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Il veliero e la balena - Marcello Chiarenza