Collection: Il pesce celeste

Il pesce celeste by Marcello Chiarenza hand painted ceramic tiles.

Entirely handcrafted tiles in a size of 20x20 cm. on a white gloss background (Bianco Extra). Sold as a set of 6.

il pesce celeste

Can you see it? The round eye staring at you is the moon. The stars of the firmament are the glitter of scales. The fins are the majestic waves. And the halfopen jaws the trail of the sailing boat that… Better not take the bait, my friend. Be sensible. But another voice exhorts: “start your journey or else you will not visit other places, see no other seas and bright mornings, sight a safe landing amidst enchanting music, the heady scent of spices… One cannot either find or return to Ithaca without following a dream.

Marcello Chiarenza

Marcello Chiarenza


Marcello Chiarenza was born in Sicily in 1955 and works in the field of symbolic representation and festival dramatic art. Over the past ten years, he has been a sculptor, stage-designer an... read more

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Il pesce celeste - Marcello Chiarenza