Collection: Fatine buffe

Fatine buffe by Maddalena Sisto hand painted ceramic tiles.

Set of 10 pcs - Available on matt (L.111) and brilliant (Bianco Extra) whites

cm. 20x20 (8”x8”)

Fatine buffe

What floral spell can have bewitched these fairies? They dance unrestrainedly, choosing petals for their stage, climbing agilely and dropping headlong down stems, or swinging festively from tender stalks. Poppies, roses, bluebottles, bellflowers, the noble calla lily and the humble wild pea, take part naturally in the fun, while the elytra of dragonflies buzz in the air, and in the thick grass the crickets gaze on, open-mouthed. Alice herself would find the sight “curiouser and curiouser!”.

Maddalena Sisto

Maddalena Sisto


Maddalena Sisto was born in Alessandria in 1951. After completing secondary school, she moved to Milan, where (with articles and drawings) she devoted herself to fashion, custom, design and... read more

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Fatine buffe - Maddalena Sisto