Collection: Carmen

Carmen by Marcel Wanders hand painted ceramic tiles.

Tiles collection decorated with pure gold silk-screening (content 900 ‰ – gold purity superior to that used by jewellers) realized in 5 colours of the series Colore&Colore. Size cm. 20x20.


The purity of the glittering gold is superior to that used by jewellers. And yet, it is the intelligence, the imagination, the irony, the unexpectedness, and the playful but tender provocation of the collection, that constitute its true elements of luxury: examples of the versatility of a designer whose takes on the role of magician, of court jester, of alchemist, to create a fantastical world of dreams. The passionate Carmen, charmed by such fervour, has bestowed the delicate floral motif of her fan, inspiring a collection that arouses instant and everlasting love.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders


Fame started with his iconic Knotted Chair, which he produced for Droog Design in 1996. He is now ubiquitous, designing for the biggest European contemporary design manufacturers like B&B... read more

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Carmen - Marcel Wanders