Collection: Tekne

Tekne by Daniele Bedini hand painted ceramic tiles.

Collection of double-fired ceramic tiles with matt finish. A modular system of four geometric relief decorations with an optical effect that varies according to the light, available in four colours, in the format 20x20 cm with thickness of 8 mm. The range is completed by the matching solid colours.


Journey in time. Tekne is an updated reissue of a collection launched in the late 80s. Journey in space. From starry and space station atmospheres, of which the designer is an enthusiastic pioneer, to the more earthy interiors of our homes and offices. The modular system creates voids and solids, parts in relief and recesses, even slight suggestions of curves as it plays with variations of texture and colour. It is a shame that at the end of the day, in complete and cosy silence, we cannot view the projection of a time-lapse video that captures, in just a few seconds, the fascinating alternation of light and shadows on the surfaces, an unrelenting movement oblivious to our presence or absence.

Daniele Bedini

Daniele Bedini


Daniele Bedini born in Florence in 1952 where he graduated in Architecture. He wrote the read more

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Tekne - Daniele Bedini