Julia Binfield ceramic designer

Designer Julia Binfield

handmade tiles by Julia Binfield

Julia Binfield studied graphic design at St. Martin’s School of Art in London and subsequently worked at Pentagram for two years with Alan Fletcher. In 1980 she moved to Italy, first to Rome and then to Milan where she currently lives and works. Over the last few years her work has ranged from graphic design to illustration and painting. As a graphic designer she has worked for IBM, Cassina, Flos, ENI while her illustrations have been published in Domus, Ventiquattro magazine, La Repubblica, Marie Claire, Abitare. She illustrated a book for Walker Books on the subject of middle eastern cookery and a catalogue for Cucine Dada. In 1995 Edizioni Charta published a book of her work. Paintings of an English Garden made during 2001-2004 led to the publishing of “N.3 - Che mistero nasconde il giardino dei vicini?” by the Italian children’s book publisher Topipittori in 2005; it won two prizes both for the best illustrated book of the year. She has received British Design and Art Direction, European Illustration, Art Directors’ Club Italiano and Associazione di Illustratori italiani awards, among others. Nowadays Julia likes to spend more time on personal projects, many of which have formed the basis of exhibitions in Britain and Italy. Her work depicts every-day objects, architecture and landscapes viewed from an idiosyncratic perspective, using a wide variety of tecniques, especially collage.