Marcello Chiarenza ceramic designer

Designer Marcello Chiarenza

handmade tiles by Marcello Chiarenza

Marcello Chiarenza was born in Sicily in 1955 and works in the field of symbolic representation and festival dramatic art. Over the past ten years, he has been a sculptor, stage-designer and workshop and theatre director. He has been engaged in installations, open-air and indoor figurative routes, and theatre stage and outdoor productions. He has worked in many cities in Italy and abroad, in nature parks, on the banks of rivers, on lake and sea shores, in the mountains, in old-city centres, in squares, in castles, in the ruins of a church destroyed by an earthquake... The topics he prefers are inside the symbolic body of the calendar year, in the elements of nature, in the cycle of the seasons: they spring from the images guarded by the breath of time, from the spiritual memory studied by history of religions and depth psychology, they emerge from legends and fables, from the immortal language (albeit today corrupted) that continues to speak through symbolic shapes.