Bardelli porcelain tiles

porcelain tiles, kitchen tiles and kitchen ceramics


Design is planning rigour, choice of modernity and a two-dimensional aesthetic sign that becomes architecture. It is a way to communicate, a product that transforms, until it becomes a real and true project. Using ceramics belonging to the “Design Collections” means creating strongly accented scenarios, distinguished by a rigorous conception of space.

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Colour as freedom of composition. Colour is substance, design, imagination. Colour is presence, discretion, neutrality. Much depends on the preferences of the designer, who can use a product to be interpreted according to a range of design needs. The colour system matches all the Bardelli collections.

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Style Floor

Big sizes, elegant surfaces, a combination of highly resistant materials to assure the realisation of the floor ready to face the everyday challenges. The series of the section Style Floor with their contemporary image fit out the house and welcome the steps of who chose them, keeping the pace of time.

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Atelier is the brand name we give to the collections we create at our workshops. They are the result of the vast wealth of culture, knowledge and manufacturing expertise of our company and the people we work with. The most suitable procedure is chosen to create these collections on a case-by-case basis. Work may be done by hand, for the most classic versions, using freehand drawing; or alternatively stencilling; the “spolvero” transfer technique; decalcomania; or mixed media when we need to define specific details. The end result is a product which is high quality, superbly original and handmade in Italy, combining the time-honoured, refined techniques of traditional craft decoration with modern industrial processes.

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